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Why I'm Running

Few things have highlighted the importance of good leadership and collaboration like the COVID-19 pandemic.


As I've worked alongside others to address the current health and economic crisis, I realized a role in city government would . Clarkston deserves a city council that listens and engages with the whole community, not just one group or one issue, and our ability to survive this pandemic and rebuild together depends on that.

If you elect me to represent you, I plan to leverage my experiences leading and working on diverse teams and in complex contexts to help Clarkston survive, recover and rebuild from our current crisis.


Made for Clarkston

Former Renter - Like 87% of Clarkston's current residents, my family and I spent our first 4 years in the area as apartment tenants.

Homeowner - Like 13% of residents, I became a Clarkston homeowner almost 3 years ago and understand the challenge of buying on a budget in a hot housing market.

Businessman - As the owner of my own consulting company and a former apartment manager, I am familiar with the complexities of starting, growing, and running a business, and am committed to using my role to support our local business community.

Global Perspective - I spent my childhood in countries in South America and Southeast Asia, and know the challenge of learning how to make life work in a country not my own. I know from experience the value of welcome, and how important is to listen, and not just teach.

Non-profit Leader - As a leader in a local non-profit I understand the importance of community-led approaches and the opportunities provided by non-profit partnerships. I know first-hand the amazing things we can accomplish when we work together for the good of the community.

Volunteers distributing facemasks

Serving Together

  • Mark graduated from The University of Alabama with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies focused on Public Health and Development. When the pandemic struck, he immediately began collaborating with local leaders to the evolving health crisis.


  • Serving on the Clarkston Community COVID-19 Task Force, Mark assisted in communication with local apartment complexes and utilized his network to procure the first supply of masks and hand sanitizer that were distributed to over 2000 Clarkston residents.


  • Mark built a coalition of volunteers across multiple organizations to launch a simple and accessible database where Clarkston residents could find resources to help them survive the pandemic, and share them with their neighbors.

  • Alongside local non-profits, city council members, and concerned residents, Mark worked to procure over $250,000 in funding from Dekalb County and private donors to help residents avoid eviction and foreclosure.

COVID-19 has impacted every area of our lives. It has challenged teachers, destroyed jobs, put our loved ones at risk, and created uncertainty for those unable to pay their rent or mortgage.
We must work together to survive the current crisis, rebuild, and thrive.

A Plan Built Together

What do you care about? Whether it is COVID-19 relief, protecting our local businesses, intelligent zoning, or continuing to improve community policing, the issues facing our community are many, and addressing them takes more than a certification, it takes leadership that can bring us together and chart a path forward. While I will be releasing more information over the coming weeks, I want to hear from you! What do you care about?


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